Classic Car Repair Manuals

Vintage Cars - Chevy

Dream of Restoring a Classic Car?

You see them, firehouse red, chrome and the o-so-sweet lines that can only have been made in Detroit.  There is nothing like these classic cars, and unfortunately there are not very many of them.

Furthering their scarcity is the limited access to repair manuals and access to parts.

What if you could access all the classic repair manuals and part distributors in one place?   That’s what Detroit Iron has on offer for you.   You’ll get:

  • OEM Shop Manuals so you can be sure you have the best information available and get it right the first time
  • Easy Navigation so you can efficiently find what you need and spend more time on your car
  • Portable CD-Roms which have zoom-able and printable details
  • Access to a parts portal from GearHead, so you can get all of your parts in one place
  • An invaluable resource that so many use to successfully restore a classic car >>

This CD’S contains the FACTORY ORIGINAL repair manuals that were issued to the dealer mechanics, reproduced on CD. These manuals help you restore your classic and Vintage Cars – Chevy just like a pro. The secret is that the CD has all the complete details you should know about the car.

It will only take you a couple of seconds to search through the information on the CD depending on the repair procedures you want.  And since these are factory original repair manuals, you can be confident that you are doing the right procedures in restoring or repairing your car.

The classic repair manuals cover Ford, GM, MoPar and Harley.

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